• Algunas consideraciones sobre la responsabilidad social empresarial 

      Aguilar Zuluaga, Ignacio (Bogotá : Universidad Sergio Arboleda , 2011, 2011)
      This article refers to the dissemination and importance that has taken the social responsibility of companies or corporations. He points out its criteria, its fields of action and attention, where the values underlying ...
    • La ética y la responsabilidad social ante la pobreza 

      Aguilar Zuluaga, Ignacio (Bogotá : Universidad Sergio Arboleda , 2012, 2012)
      This paper describes a general situation of poverty in the world, defines some of its most salient causes, effects and possible solutions. Concentrates the problem in Latin America and specifically in Colombia. This article ...
    • Gestión gerencial en el sector agropecuario tradicional colombiano 

      Aguilar Zuluaga, Ignacio; Madrid, Luis Ángel (Bogotá : Universidad Sergio Arboleda , 2009, 2009)
      This paper surveys managerial practices of small farms and land plots in the Cundinamarca and Boyacá highlands. The hypothesis advanced is that in these agricultural units, business practices are nearly non-existent or ...
    • Globalización, corrupción y responsabilidad social 

      Aguilar Zuluaga, Ignacio (Bogotá : Universidad Sergio Arboleda , 2014, 2014)
      This paper aims to inform about the problem of corruption, its importance and the need for public and corporate policies in order to eradicate and fight it in all economic and social sectors, as well as in private and ...
    • El Recurso Humano frente a la Globalización 

      Aguilar Zuluaga, Ignacio